Last week Andy Adams posted a great post – The WordPress Talent Shortage Might Be a Pricing Problem. I hadn’t met Andy before, noticed the post through Brian and Jeffro, but I read it three times and I do agree with a lots of his thoughts and conclusions. I’d like to propose that the shortage of developers might actually be a pricing problem. Specifically, WordPress salaries and rates are not high enough to draw talent. What is the level of our experts? WordPress Development Experts If we ignore the Job Title discussion or the issues with the community experts for a bit, the developer community in WordPress suffers a lot. General concepts such as unit testing were known for about a decade in other communities, and we started paying any attention over the last year or two in WordPress. is still on SVN (attempts on moving part of the process GitHub are made, and merging pull requests as well) and everything is moving slowly. I still see some UNIX groups and tools using CVS as version control, but that doesn’t make them anything other than dinosaurs. However, the smaller ones that don’t have resources have the excuse for not moving data, but the platform running 23% of the
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