Before reading, please note that I work for the company who makes this WordPress photography plugin. There are many methods of displaying, selling and proofing photographs outside of WordPress. For example, many photographers use services like SmugMug and Zenfolio to handle the displaying and selling tasks. A fantastic proofing solution is ShootProof, which many wedding photographers jump on. But what about those photographers who use WordPress? Those photographers who run their own websites and want completely control over every aspect of their websites? “There’s an app for that.” Okay not really But there is definitely a plugin for that. Two in fact. I was going to write a brief introduction to WordPress, but I figure that if you are reading this you already understand what it is. So there is no reason for me to go over what you already know. But I will talk briefly about something important in WordPress, called galleries. WordPress Galleries WordPress has a feature built-in called Gallery. It is very basic, allowing you to have a thumbnail grid by default. Or you can install Jetpack, which is free, that allows you to have additional display styles. The biggest downside to the built-in
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