We’re extremely excited to introduce Layers to the world, marking the realisation of 9 months of work by Obox. Layers is a revolutionary site builder that allows you to create beautiful websites easily. The best part? It’s free, forever. If you’re the jump-straight-in type, you can download or try it right now for free. Why? There are many companies within the WordPress industry who have created their own site builders on top of the platform. By using WordPress as a base, they’ve created some heavyweight tools for site creation. However, their interfaces are so different to the WordPress interface that it’s hard to call them WordPress at all. We believe that is the wrong approach to take. We believe that instead of building on top of WordPress, why not take what’s already there and enhance it? So we got stuck in and analysed all the bits that make WordPress a great CMS and asked how we could improve them. We started by asking some tough questions: How do we improve the user experience of such a popular platform? How do we turn it into a mature CMS? How do we reduce the learning curve? The result is Layers. Layers makes creating great layouts in WordPress simple, fast, and fun. Layers
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