Advisory for: WP-Slimstat Security Risk: Very high Exploitation level: Remote DREAD Score: 8/10 Vulnerability: Weak Cryptographic keys leading to SQL injections Patched Version: 3.9.6 WP-Slimstat’s users should update as soon as possible! During a routine audit for our WAF, we discovered a security bug that an attacker could, by breaking the plugin’s weak “secret” key, use to perform a SQL Injection attack against the target website. What are the risks This bug can be used by any visitor browsing the vulnerable website. If your website uses a vulnerable version of the plugin, you’re at risk. Successful exploitation of this bug could lead to Blind SQL Injection attacks, which means an attacker could grab sensitive information from your database, including username, (hashed) passwords and, in certain configurations, WordPress Secret Keys (which could result in a total site takeover). Technical details WP-Slimstat used a “secret” key to sign data sent to/from the client. By looking at how it was generated, we found it would be possible for an attacker to guess its original value: The “secret” was a hashed version of the plugin’s installation timestamp. An attacker could use sites like
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