When you sell products, you do a lot of customer support. It takes up a lot of time, and some would say product companies are really selling support, not the product. Is support for sale, or is it the product? If support is really what we are selling, should we tell the customer that? There is an important distinction to be made here. What we think we are selling, and what the customer actually wants to buy. What you’re selling vs. what they are buying Even if you are selling support, the customer doesn’t want to buy support. The customer wants to buy a shiny new product that makes them look and feel like a rockstar, and they assume they will get any help they need after purchasing. This is important because if you want a successful business you have to sell what people want to buy. You can’t sell them what they don’t know they need, or else you won’t be in business for long. In the case of products, you sell them a shiny new product and you give them awesome support along with it. If you give them the product free and then ask them to pay you a premium for support, your sales will suffer. Free Premium Products Recently a developer name Tom McFarlin announced that he will be moving
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