Our Story Dear Storyteller, Our journey begins in December of 2013. After completing work on a large site that allowed for multiple story layouts, then noticing the growing trend of long-form interactive stories such as Snowfall by NY Times, work began on a suite of tools to allow anyone to create these stories without any code at all. The idea was crowd-funded, which yielded enough to put out a very rough first version of the plugin that we dubbed Aesop Story Engine. Fast forward a year later, $10K+, and over 20K downloads, our baby has matured pretty quickly. It serves as the very engine that drives the story experience here on Story.AM. It’s stable, and it’s absolutely a breeze to use. However, it’s still limited to use within a backend administration area. That is, until now. We need your help to test and finish a new, experimental story creation tool. A completely reimagined story editing experience not bound by an “administration” area, but editable from the front-end. We’re looking for a limited number of founding members who truly believe in what we’re doing and are interested in investing into the experience. As a Founder, you’ll be amongst the first to test and provide feedback
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