Using an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, makes it easy to get an online store set up on your WordPress site. Getting all of your products into the site and and configure a shopping cart and payment gateways. The more products you have, the harder it is for customers to get to the product they want. An intuitive search gets them there. We have two new screencasts this week on customizing your WordPress eCommerce site, and making it more searchable using Caldera Easy Pods. The first screencast covers creating a product search for a WooCommerce powered site: In the screencast, I show you how to extend WooCommerce’s custom post type “product” using Pods, and then create a product search form using Caldera Easy Pods and Caldera Forms. The video is about 7 minutes. I cheated and set up the Pods Template for results ahead of time, and didn’t have to deal with custom CSS, but I think this shows you how quickly you can create an intuitive and responsive search form on your site. In addition to the screencast, I have added a new tutorial walking you through how the form works. In the tutorial I also suggest some additional opportunities to customize WooCommerce or
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