I am contacted on a daily basis by theme developers requesting that I help promote their new releases. Often they will also be helpful enough to even suggest on which post their theme should be added. I love to support these smaller theme developers, and more so if it is their first theme release – though anyone is welcome to suggest an inclusion to me. READ IT ALL – IT MAY BE GOOD ADVICE! I’m the first to admit however, that I set the creative bar high enough that I will only include what I perceive to be the best themes in that particular category on my list. This is primarily because they are curated lists that I update often, and as new better themes are released they are included (sometimes to the sacrifice of others). But I pass many themes over (especially in the categories that are well represented) when the developer does not at least attempt to offer those promoting the themes a little help. Let me explain! Sticky Menus & Parallax WordPress Themes (The Devils Work) I love themes that are modern, I even like single page themes, Parallax themes, and themes with the aforementioned sticky menu, but these themes often mean I will have to invest more time than I am (usually) willing
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