Share this post: 106 3 24 10 The crown jewel for tracking how many people come to your site is Google Analytics, and rightfully so, since they provide just about everything you need to know in terms of figuring out who is visiting your site, where they are coming from and which keywords they are using to find your site. Since Google doesn’t provide a default plugin to integrate the system into your WordPress site you either have to paste in the tracking code yourself or find a third-party plugin to do the work for you. You can even setup your tracking with WooCommerce and PayPal if needed. I’m partial to grabbing an analytics plugin for WordPress since these tools usually give you various other features for quickly checking the stats on your dashboard and more. There are also a few other companies that offer statistics and analytics, giving you some unique capabilities that you can’t find in the Google Analytics system. Also Read: Getting Started With Google Analytics In Your WordPress Site Since it’s so important to understand and improve traffic flows on your website I want to outline the best analytics plugins for WordPress to make your lives a little easier. Let’s have a look. Google
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