WordCamps are community organized conferences focused on WordPress. I am part of the WordCamp San Diego organizing team and one of my tasks was to help design and develop the website. During my design and development process I reviewed many WordCamp websites and found some pretty great looking sites. Have you noticed how a lot of WordCamp websites look a lot like each other? That’s because nearly all WordCamp sites are built from only CSS edits to one of the default WordPress themes. That means you can’t use any fancy sliders, your favorite mapping plugin, or custom calendars. You have to use only the plugins that the WordCamp multisite makes available to all it’s child sites. While many of these are good in quality, you are limited in choice. The only tool in your shed is a stylesheet which you use to overwrite the default styles of whichever default theme you choose. Keeping this in mind, building a WordCamp website that stands out above the crowd can be pretty difficult. You have to get really creative with styles. WordCamp Planning has the complete details about building your WordCamp website. On that site they provide organizers with a lot of good information about how to get their
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