Unsurprisingly, we love WordPress and care about its future a lot. We actively worked with it for almost six years now and thought it would probably be good to share our vision for it. Below is a list of our recommendations, followed by a list of things we want WordPress to be stripped of in this spring cleanup. 6 Recommendations: 1. Embrace Mobile-first Approach Mobile-first doesn’t mean showing and hiding elements on different screen sizes. It means you build the design from phablet-sized screen and scale it further. 2. Fix Community Ideas Faster Just follow the top rated Ideas and fix them faster. So many users can’t be wrong. 3. Stop Recommending Framework Libraries Articles, like this one are harming the developer community. There should be standalone themes, theme frameworks and child themes and plugins. Find our response to this subject here. 4. Make Child Themes Disposable Design changes over years and so should your website. Child themes should thus be disposable and horror like grandchild themes should never exist. 5. Flatter Modern Design WordPress looks OK as is, but it should step a bit further and embrace a flat, modern design with no borders and as little shadows as possible.
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