Today, we’re releasing an official Twitter plugin for WordPress that bundles Twitter features and functionality into an installable package for sites powered by WordPress. WordPress software powers millions of sites around the web from large global brands such as Katy Perry and Mercedes-Benz to your local grocery store. The official Twitter plugin for WordPress helps sites powered by WordPress embed Twitter content and grow their audience on Twitter. Twitter Cards Twitter Cards add link previews to Tweets. Twitter Cards help your content stand out on Twitter by providing additional rich context before users click. Our plugin automatically generates Twitter Cards for your webpages to highlight your content shared on Twitter. Twitter Analytics With Twitter Analytics, you can also associate your site and author Twitter accounts to track your content’s popularity on Twitter and grow your audience. Embedded Tweets and video Customize embedded Tweet colors from the WordPress admin interface. Since there is unique content every day on Twitter, our new plugin for WordPress makes it easy to include an embedded Tweet on your website that matches your site design. Choose a widget theme, link color
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