Link rot is a serious issue on the web, as many links of the past are going away. We lose that data for good if we don’t back it up somewhere. It may seem insignificant now, but we simply don’t know what is being published today that we’ll wish we’d kept in the future. But we can solve this issue. Websites come and go. With them, typically goes their data. This is often called “link rot”, when the content in question was also linked to from another source. Sometimes I don’t mind too much, because I’m not terribly invested in that content. However, there are times where content has a relevance in news matters, or as a significant historical timeline. Sometimes, a website where I contributed content goes away or atrophies– in some form or another — and it makes me sad to see my content go down with the ship. Three places where I contributed much of my early WordPress content have either lost data, had data corrupted, or disappeared entirely. Each makes me sad. Some of my earliest WordPress related words were typed out on WP Tavern‘s forums, Theme Hybrid‘s (private) forums, or WPCandy. Each situation is different. WP Tavern’s forums are totally gone, though I’m told there is an offline
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