“People don’t buy the facts. They buy the feeling.” – says Bernadette Jiwa, and she’s right. Bernadette isn’t talking about WordPress. She’s writing about Starbucks, but as a brand and storytelling expert, her truths apply widely. Enterprise WordPress I work for Crowd Favorite, where we sell and deliver WordPress solutions to large enterprises some of whom are currently using SiteCore even though it costs much more and is far more complicated to use. The facts should be plain. SiteCore costs a lot. WordPress (in terms of annual license) is free. But there are very few people selling WordPress replacements for SiteCore deployments, and so every time we pitch (or even win) a deal, we’re fighting fears and feelings more than facts. “People don’t buy the facts. They buy the feeling.” WordPress Hosting The other day I was reading about how well managed hosts (like WP Engine and GoDaddy) had performed in December and January. There are many hosts out there but few have the divisive nature of WP Engine or GoDaddy. Some people absolutely love them. Others write them off. There is, apparently, no middle ground. This is especially true for GoDaddy among many WordPress insiders. Yet if you look
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