I was interviewing a potential client. He needed a hybrid Rails/WordPress developer. Lamenting how difficult it is to find someone skilled in both, he said “I’ll probably end up hiring a Rails dev and outsource the WordPress work”. I smiled and said: “Yeah, WordPress developers are so much cheaper than Rails developers!” Wait a second. Did that just come out of my mouth? I’m a WordPress developer. Shortage of WordPress Developers? “He’s a super high level WP developer… Do you know of any open positions?” Yes, maybe a couple. Hundred. — Brian Krogsgard (@Krogsgard) February 12, 2015 WordPress companies seem to be having a hard time finding qualified developers; at least that’s the impression I get as an outsider looking in. I’d like to propose that the shortage of developers might actually be a pricing problem. Specifically, WordPress salaries and rates are not high enough to draw talent. I live in the freelance world. My experience is with hourly rates and contracting work – not salaries. I don’t know what WordPress companies are paying in salaries. However, I think it’s reasonable to assume that WordPress salaries are correlated with WordPress hourly rates. I’ll be working off that
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