One of my biggest regrets about publishing We’re Ruining WordPress last year is that I didn’t make it abundantly clear that my issue was with theme authors, not theme marketplaces like ThemeForest. I forgot that the WordPress community—whatever that means at this point—loves red meat, and any mention of ThemeForest would overshadow a larger point that I was trying to make. The point was simple and it still stands: theme authors are hurting WordPress due to our unprofessional approach to both business and development. Here’s a fact. Creative Market has absolutely no review process, and yet because all of its themes are 100% GPL it’s celebrated as the go-to alternative to ThemeForest. ThemeForest has a review process in place, one that is more efficient and more streamlined than I have seen in any other marketplace, including I’m not writing about quality; I’m writing about a very predictable set of expectations that theme authors can look to when submitting and launching a theme, as well as planning for the future. I’ve slowly and quietly taken on an important role at Professional Themes lately. My title on paper is CTO (I’m still Managing Member of Press Build, as well).
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