I don’t write a lot of list posts but I do get people occasionally asking me what WordPress plugins I recommend using. So I thought I would write up a post with my top 20 WordPress Plugins. These are in alphabetical order and a mix of free and premium plugins. I use these to grow the traffic on my blog, build my email list, and increase my ROI/CRO. In fact some most of them I have full reviews on so you can read more about them before trying. I’m sure there are some below you haven’t tried! I never use a plugin without a specific purpose and so I have assigned the following categories to each plugin: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Speed Essentials Navigation I also let you know if it is a free or premium plugin and the source of the download. 1 – BugMeBar Conversation Rate Optimization / Premium / Code Canyon BugMeBar is a great cheap Hello Bar alternative for a notification bar at the top of your site. I like it is because it is a lot more customizable, loads fast, and is also responsive. Make sure to check out my review on BugMeBar. Download BugMeBar 2 – Disqus Conditional Load Speed / Free & Premium / WordPress Repository
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