In this tutorial I want to explain Step by Step How To Create WordPress Settings/Options Page With Meta Box, like what you see in this screenshot: WordPress have a decent Settings API and it offer a lot flexibility in design. Several plugins do “wild” things in their Settings Page, However for better user experience it’s best to use seamless design (blended) with other admin UI design. One of my favorite admin UI element is Meta Box. Not only because meta box have an easy to use Meta Box API (so we can easily create meta boxes), but it also have user preference options where user can reorder (drag-and-drop) the position, toggle open/close meta boxes. and even changing Screen Layout to 1 or 2 column using “Screen Options”. Benefit in using Meta Box in Settings Page: Nice UI : Neatly Group Complex Settings. Minimum Design Time : WordPress already have the design. Easy to use : because user already familiar with how the panel works. Extend-Ability : Other developer can easily extend our plugins and add options with familiar API. So Let’s Start ! Wait, before we start, maybe it’s better if you download the example plugin to easily follow this tutorial. I host it at Github. So, fork if you
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