Something I noticed recently was this great post from Garrett Moon on the Problogger blog which details 10 Simple Hacks That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic. On there is a great infographic which details when you should promote your content. When it comes to promotion on social media, you’ve a lot of noise. According to Buffer, the average tweet lasts for 18 minutes, before becoming forgotten. And unfortunately most people tweet their work once or twice. Garrett suggested a way of promoting your content, and this post will show you how to implement it using three tools – Buffer, Remember the Milk & IFTTT. First Share – Share on Twitter/Facebook The first share (which should be done immediately) is using a WordPress plugin to share your Twitter and Facebook. There are a thousand and twenteen ways to do this, so I’m not dictating to you how to do this, but recently I’ve been using the Publicise feature in Jetpack, but you should have a range of these. Second Share – Using IFTTT to Buffer to Twitter I use Buffer on the Winwar Media Twitter account to buffer relevant articles that could be of use. As such, these articles are staggered throughout the days and weeks, usually two or three
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