Why we built Postmatic So many bloggers publish thought-provoking and essential content, but it often goes overlooked and under-discussed. Lots of people are absolutely scrambling to find an audience for their message. They have something important to say, the know-how to say it eloquently, and the website to publish it on. But in an attempt to help that message spread, they turn to a fragmented and complicated mix of social media. None of it is cohesive, focused or integrated. And your readers are busy. And mobile. How often do they check your site for new content while they’re out and about, living life? Enter Postmatic. What’s the one thing people all over the world do a gazillion times a day? Check their email. So that’s how Postmatic gets your content in front of your readers - it’s a beautiful marriage between WordPress (which we know and love) and Email. Postmatic is a WordPress plugin that installs with just three clicks. A nice little subscribe box becomes available on your sidebar. Site visitors can subscribe to your site using their email address. In one click, they are done. Next time you publish a post all of your subscribers receive a copy of it directly in their inbox.
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