This company could have been named after my dog Hobbes. Instead its named after a free plugin that our lead developer David Cramer wrote before we started working together called Caldera Forms. That can make it appear as if we see ourself as in competition with Gravity Forms. But I don’t see it that way, or out to challenge their position in the market. Last week, I wrote an article on this blog on using Stripe to accept payments on your WordPress site. In it I offered a discount both on the Caldera Forms Stripe add-on and the Gravity Forms Stipe integration by Gravity Plus. The very first post on this post started with a mention of Corey Miller and a link to his company iThemes. It may appear counter-intuitive to be directing traffic to a “competitor.” The fact of the matter is the Gravity Forms is awesome and they deserve to be on top of this part of the market. Like Pippin Williamson wrote recently on his blog, competitors should inspire. And yes, I’m inspired by the success of Gravity Forms, but this article isn’t really about Gravity Forms. The more important inspiration for what I’m trying to do with CalderaWP comes from people like Corey or Pippin. People who have created successful
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