There was recently an article written in The New Yorker about how Utah Became the Next Silicon Valley. It talks about Utah’s high rate of STEM graduates, our business-friendly laws, diversity of sectors in our tech startups, and other little things like affordable housing and a concentrated population. The average Venture Capital deal in Utah is almost 3 times the size of the average deal in San Francisco. As far as I know, Provo was the first city with functioning Google Fiber. Companies like eBay, Twitter, Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, Qualtrics, Vivint, Domo, Skullcandy, and a slew of others operate large pieces of their companies from Utah, and the list keeps growing. Since I’m from Utah, and I see all of the cool things that are going on from the ground level, I find myself quick to share any article that highlights the fantastic things that are going on in our great state. My trigger finger is quick because I’m excited about our rapid growth and the flood of startups finding their homes here. Even though I’ve done little to contribute to the growth myself, it’s still exciting and something I want to see continue for a long time. We Can’t Forget How We Got Here A few days after I was
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