Vladomir Prelovac made note of a new plugin on ManageWP.org today that caught my attention, and also caught the attention of Sarah Gooding of WPTavern. The plugin, called Unplug Jetpack, created by Tanner Moushey, gives access to all of the Jetpack modules that do not require a connection to WordPress.com. The plugin does this by putting Jetpack into developer mode. I’m not sure what effect that might have on things now or in the future, but it is an interesting way to handle the problem of wanting to use some of Jetpack’s modules, without having to connect to WordPress.com in order to do so. Which Jetpack modules require a WordPress.com connection – and which don’t? This plugin got me to thinking. Which Jetpack modules actually require a WordPress.com connection – and which don’t? I couldn’t find any mention of that anywhere, so I took the time to install the Unplug Jetpack plugin, and activated every module possible without being logged into a WordPress.com account. Then I took some screenshots, moved things around to make the screenshots look good, and ended up with the two images below. One shows all the Jetpack modules that do require a WordPress.com account and one shows all the
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