Late last year Search Engine Roundtable posted an article about the usage of tabs, accordions, and hidden content in websites. This article was a quick overview of how these design elements will negatively affect SEO within a website. The article seemed to lie under the radar and most people missed it. It’s so far under the radar, I haven’t heard much about it since I read the post in November. I decided this topic needed further discussion because a lot of designers and website owners are using WordPress accordion and tabbed content plugins without knowing the negative affect it has on the health of their website. An Example of Accordion or Tabbed Usage of Content Below is an example of tabbed content illustrated in a .gif image. It simply means that content is hidden behind a tab or other element until the user clicks to view and/or read more of the content presented. Tabs and accordions have been widely used in WordPress because they offer an easy method for presenting a lot of information without overwhelming the user. This is very common on e-commerce product pages or information heavy websites that present legal, scientific, or technical content. Up until I read the Barry Schwartz’s
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