At CalderaWP we love working with custom fields in WordPress, because it allows us to use WordPress as a custom content management system or to build apps. We enjoy those sorts of challenges, but we’ve never been happy with how integrating those custom fields with WordPress themes traditionally works. When you use a custom field plugins such as Pods, Advanced Custom Fields, or Custom Fields Suite your theme does not know how to output these fields. This often calls for writing a new theme or child theme and requires time and PHP competency that not all WordPress users have. Caldera Metaplate changes that. Now if you are using WordPress and a custom fields plugin, you can make a highly customized content management system with any theme, without leaving the WordPress dashboard. When you choose the theme that looks and functions the best, not the one that is pre-built for your niche, you can make a better site, with less constraints on your creativity. If you switch themes later, your Caldera Metaplate settings are not affected. How It Works You create new Metaplates from its sub-menu of the Appearance menu. Each Metaplate can be associated with one or more post types and be set to output
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