This post is part two of three in a series called “From Homebrew to Turnkey,” which covers WordPress’s climb up the value chain, and the trend of turnkey website packages that help people and businesses build platforms. If you haven’t read the first yet, go back and start there. Initially, this series was inspired by a Ray Edwards’s podcast in which he recommended Squarespace and Rainmaker for peoples’ platforms, leaving out He has adopted website agnosticism and thinks people should find the best turnkey solution regardless of whether it is WordPress or not. This concerned me a bit. Clear & Powerful: A Big Market It turns out, it’s not that easy to build a great platform. Even if someone is savvy and loves to “DIY,” the relentless pace required to stay competitive can eclipse those efforts, creating sunk costs in time and money. Perhaps that is why more than half of our online contact requests since the last post are asking about WordPress Multisite, creating marketplaces and more advanced features. We don’t even advertize these things on our site. That should tell you something about the demand for solutions that work so that people can get to work. It’s not just the
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