The WordPress Ecosystem One of the reasons behind the tremendous success of the WordPress CMS is its ecosystem. Being open source and 100% GPL, the platform is free for everyone to jump in, install, and customize as they see fit. There are more than 3000 free themes and 35,000 free plugins in the official WordPress repository. Moreover, there are dozens of theme markets, companies building plugins for a living, and hundreds (if not thousands) of developers maintaining a popular plugin of their own. Given the popular 5-minute installation guide everyone is able to set up a plain WordPress, add a free theme and install a bunch of plugins. And there we go — we have a new website. From Newbie to Expert In a Day What is the final goal of a web designer or developer? It’s building a website. That’s what every customer wants, and that’s what a website expert should be able to deliver. That’s why millions of people start thinking: “Hey, I can do that! I can follow this guide and build a website. It’s not that hard — let’s go and make some money out of it!” I’ve met dozens of people after my WordPress seminars approaching me and asking for advice. They used an installing script with a cheap
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