WordPress Has A Plugin Problem WordPress has a plugin problem. Now I know that there are plugins for this and for that. In fact, there are very few things that there aren’t multiple (if not hundreds) of plugins for. They are constantly being released. In fact, it seems that the plugin review team for wordpress.org always needs volunteers (I do understand that this is true of all volunteer teams)! But as we move to upgrade the new user UX of WordPress as a software with the new user experience team, I believe that the plugin repo for .org needs to be addressed. Plugins that are out of date or incompatible with current versions are a severe hindrance to not only finding plugins that work for your needs, but are also giving new users a terrible view of the WordPress ecosystem. This doesn’t even begin to cover the stigmas associated with WordPress at the enterprise level because of this issue (although there are others that are brought up in that space as well). Plugin Improvements A major step forward was made with this problem back in XXXXXX with the addition of the “this plugin hasn’t been updated in 2 years” message. While it does help to let users know that this plugin may not work
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