Having taught WordPress to 1000+ people over the last 4 years, I can tell you that many end-users know very little about what WordPress offers in terms of growing their business online. I believe that WordPress needs stronger ties to the world of education and in this post I’m going to explain why this could become a serious problem and what I think the WordPress community needs to do about it. Innovation or consolidation? At a recent WordPress event called PressNomics, Matt Mullenweg said that he is “worried we have become too much of an inward facing community and afraid to make the painful leap forward to make the next WordPress.” Many commentators interpreted this as a need for greater innovation – and I agree. But I believe that now is also a time for consolidation. Let me explain… I’ve already written about why leading digital marketers choose WordPress; they love it because WordPress allows them to cheaply and easily implement whatever digital marketing strategy they wish to pursue. But what about your average, every-day website owner? You know, regular people who don’t happen to be a “leading digital marketing expert”. How happy are they with their WordPress website? Having
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