To follow our transparency policy, we are thrilled to announce that we are releasing our development roadmap to the public. Feedback matters We take customer feedback very seriously. Most of our new features come from feedback we’ve received in support tickets, or feature requests from our contact form. This precious feedback helps us make WP Rocket even better. No ETA policy Since the beginning, we’ve never communicated on exact ETA for releases. When you build a startup, every day has its unexpected surprises. Those unexpected surprises can affect the release of new updates. This is why we prefer to push new updates when they are really ready and not just because we have an imperative ETA. But, we understand that it can be tough for customers to not have any idea when a feature they need will become available. With this public roadmap we aim to give our customers a better view of the next releases. We invite your participation We are using Trello for our public roadmap, as inspired by iThemes public roadmaps - they have done it for all their projects. All feature requests submitted from our support tickets or contact form will be reviewed and if appropriate, added on the “Customer
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