At WP Media (the startup behind the WP Rocket project), we’ve decided that we have absolutely nothing to hide, and so we want to share more about our insights, our success and failures. A decision inspired by other Startups We are really inspired by great companies like Buffer, Baremetrics and Mattermark where transparency is a company culture. They share it through several channels: Buffer Open Blog, “Our journey to greater productivity, more transparency and a happier work culture” Medium posts of Danielle Morrill, CEO and Cofounder of Mattermark These companies have helped us greatly by sharing a lot of internal information including their monthly revenue, and more. For example, when we we did our first recruitment, it was a new experience for us and we had absolutely no idea how to do it properly. Josh from Baremetrics wrote a long guide on his process for recruitment. This guide helped us to set up our own process and to find answers to a lot of questions. This is how we recruited Lucy. When you run a company you sometimes feel that you have nowhere to turn for answers to all the questions that come up. So companies that are transparent and share everything about their revenue,
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