Blog post comments are a great way for you to interact with your readers and get feedback on your work and ideas for future content. However, the core WordPress comments system, while functional, does have some room for improvement. In the past we’ve looked at a couple of plugins which can help you enhance the commenting system in WordPress, including one which lets you display a thank you page to your readers after they’ve left a comment and another option for enabling email notifications for comments. In addition to those plugins, WordPress users do have a number of free options available to them when it comes to replacing or ‘upgrading’ the native commenting system, including the Jetpack module and Disqus. However, these alternatives are not without their own problems and detractors, as was recently highlighted in this post over at WP Tavern (which itself uses the Jetpack commenting module). Spotting a definite gap in the market, the wpDiscuz plugin was recently released to help improve the core blog post commenting solutions currently available to WordPress users. So if you feel like the discussion area at the end of each article you publish is lagging behind the rest of your website
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