New interactive, AJAX comment system. Responsive comment plugin with Live Update function. Allows your visitors discuss, vote for comments and share. wpDiscuz Features: Front-end | Adds interactive comment box on posts and other content types | Responsive comments form and comment threads design | Clean, simple and easy user interface and user experience | Live update of new comments with notifier buttons | Multi-level (nested) comment threads, with maximum levels depth setting option | Allows to create a new discussion thread and reply to existing comment | Ajax button "Load More Comments" instead of simple comments pagination | Different comment date formats, reflects WordPress date format settings | Automatic URLs to link conversion in comment texts | Multiple line-breaks (limited by WordPress comment filter) | Comment author notification options with special checkboxes on comment form | Ability to add comment system on attachment pages if it's allowed by WordPress | Fast and easy comment form with ajax validation and data submitting | Fully integrated and compatible with WordPress | Uses WordPress Comment system with all managing functions and features | Uses WP Avatar System, fully
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