WPJobus is a three in one theme that allows you to not only build a fully functioning online job board, but can also be configured to serve as an online personal resume for job seekers, as well as a company profile website for businesses and other organizations. To give you all the tools you need to build a professional employment website with WordPress, WPJobus includes an impressive set of features and functionality, combined with an intuitive theme options control panel, all wrapped up in an attractive and fully responsive design. To help you decide if this multi-faceted employment theme is the right choice for your next project, read on for our full review of this awesome job board and resume WordPress theme. The Best Features of the WPJobus Job Board and Online Resume WordPress Theme As mentioned earlier, you can easily configure WPJobus to run in one of three modes: as an online job board, a personal resume website, or an online company profile complete with vacancy listings. Choosing which incarnation of the theme to use is as easy as checking an option from the theme settings panel. Much of the other aspects of this theme can be configured in the same way, helping you to get
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