Revive Old Post, formerly known as Tweet Old Post, is a plugin unlike any other. It solves two interesting problems that just about every person who works on WordPress comes across at some point. First, you quickly figure out that your old posts – the ones that eventually leave your homepage and end up in your archives – don’t ever see the light of day again. Sure, you may get some organic search traffic, but it’s not always that reliable, even though some of those old posts might be the best you’ve ever written. The second problem is all about social media. When I started posting to Twitter and Facebook I realized one primary concern: It takes forever to manage a legitimate social media schedule. Even if you find it fun designing images and sharing cool links or tips on your social pages, it sucks up your productivity like a Dyson vacuum. And that’s a huge problem, because everyone is on social media now, and you’re missing out on some huge growth potential if you don’t consistently share relevant content that your customers might find appealing. In a nutshell, Revive Old Post brings together your old posts and several social systems in a beautiful sort of harmony. It reaches into
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