All site owners want to get their websites built cheaply, as well they should. There’s no reason to pay more than you have to—including paying anything at all if your needs are best serviced by Facebook page, a Tumblr account, or a blog! However, some questions around price are a red flag. Here are a few: “How much does a website cost?” “What’s the cheapest way to get a website?” “Will you build me a website for $X?” Site owners with unclear strategies view their websites mainly as cost centers, and end up wasting their money. These questions are symptomatic of people who don’t know why they want a website. Because of this lack of strategic clarity, they look at their sites mostly as a source of costs. The end result is a badly executed website that never meets anyone’s goals for it—or, put bluntly, a waste of money. The Problem: Viewing Websites as Cost Centers Thinking of your work online as a cost to minimize, rather than as investment to optimize, will work against you. Wanting to get a “cheap website” is most people’s common-sense starting point, and a lot of marketing pushes you in that direction as well. Squarespace, for example, frequently appeals to how cheap
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