Site Speed is one of the very basic foundations for providing a good user experience. It is also a major factor in determining your ranking on search engines. Unfortunately, when it comes to WordPress loading time, there seems to be a lot of ignorance within the blogger’s community, with many blogs loaded much slower then they could be. The good news are that there are many ways to speed up your WordPress site/ blog, and many of them do not require any coding whatsoever. So if you’re a blogger or a webmaster, and you have a hard time dealing with complex PHP and FTP files, this article is for you! Here are our top 10 tips for Optimizing WordPress Site Speed without doing any programming: Chose a good web host If you’re using a cheap web hosting service, consider upgrading to a company that specializes in WordPress. You will never believe the difference in the quality of hosting and the service provided. Companies such as Site Ground, Kinsta and WP Engine will provide excellent support as well as built in tools for optimizing your site speed. If your site is heavy with traffic, consider using a dedicated server rather then a shared one. This may cost a little extra money, but will provide
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