The time you’ve enjoyed wasting can’t be classified as time wasted. Old saying Truth be told, we all are not always serious and focused on everyday problems and business running. WordPress is no different. There is a pool of fun plugins to be found in the WP plugin repository aiming to squeeze some fun in your site. In this post we’ve compiled a list of 10 crazy, foolish and utterly useless WordPress plugins that can be used to add fun factor to your site or blog. If you know of any other futile, mind-boggling or just fun WordPress plugins, feel free to add them to the comments below. Barrel Roll Is there anything more useless than a webpage that spins? The Barrel Roll plugin enables you to add that little trick to your WordPress website. Once the plugin is activated – just enter the text barrel roll in the text field and get ready to see how the whole page rotates 360°. Turn your site into the game of Asteroids with the help of Asteroids Widget plugin. This is sort of a game in which you can destroy the whole contents of your page by flying around and shooting them. Don’t worry, everything comes back to normal after a page is refreshed. CAPTCHA Garb Find yourself tired enough of the
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