By now, chances are you already saw an infographic, the web is full of them and for one good reason, infographics are awesome! Wouldn’t you agree? They are such a great way to present your data and message to your readers. Just like using vibrant images in your blog posts. Bottom line, infographics should be part of any bloggers marketing tools. What are infographics and why should you use them? Inforgraphics are visual media with data that can deliver your message to your readers in a more interactive way. What you may not know is that they are actually very easy to make, using an online infographic generator tool you can start creating your own in just a few minutes. The hardest part may be gathering all the necessary data. Using infographics on your posts can make them more engaging, more shareable and can potentially grow and expand your audience and blog traffic. How to make your own infographics First step is to gather your data, which may actually be the hardest part in the process of creating infographics. Next use a infograhic generator tool to start making your design. I’ve made a cool list bellow with some of the best infographic tools. Finally add your data to an infographic
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