Today we launch a new feature for the Pagely blog, with a series of interviews with some of the top members of the WordPress community. Our first interview is with top WordPress blogger, Kevin Muldoon. With a decade and a half’s experience in Internet marketing, Kevin certainly fits the bill. He’s ran many successful websites over the years, and now makes a living writing about WordPress for some of the industry’s top blogs. This interview will tell you how Kevin got started with WordPress, how his WordPress-career has developed, and what direction he thinks the WordPress platform is heading. If you want to read more of Kevin’s insights, I highly recommend checking out his personal website at or signing up at Rise Forums. You can also follow him on Twitter at @KevinMuldoon. One big thanks to Kevin for agreeing to answer our questions. Let’s get started with the interview, shall we? For readers less familiar with you, could you tell us a little about yourself and your WordPress background? My name is Kevin Muldoon. I have been building and running websites since 2000. Over the years I have created many types of websites, including forums, directories, review websites,
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