90% there. The site is always 90% there. It happens to all kinds of software projects. A well-meaning developer gets the bulk of the site done, and then comes the final 10%. The detail work. The edge cases. The home stretch. And many developers quit before they reach the finish line. That’s when I hear about 90%. “Andy, this site is 90% done, but the developer disappeared. Can you finish up the last 10%?” Don’t get me wrong – I don’t look forward to the last 10%, either. But it’s work, and I do my best to optimistically turn it into a “challenge” to be conquered. Sometimes, I succeed – we use the existing code to finish the project. Sometimes, I fail – it’s impossible to make the code do what they’re asking. We have the painful conversation that we need to start over. This Happens a Lot With WordPress I was once contracted to help with a large WordPress eCommerce (won’t say which plugin) & BuddyPress integration. It was multisite. And it used Gravity Forms. Each of the plugins individually did its job well. Integrating them was a nightmare. For example, the client wanted each product to have a contact form that sent messages to the store owner (each a different multisite install) using
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