No matter how carefully you plan your tags and category taxonomies at the beginning of your blog project, they will quickly degenerate and become a complete mess. This is specially true for tags on multi-author blogs where each author can freely assign new tags to their posts. So, like it or not, every few months you’ll need to sanitize your terms by converting categories to tags (or the other way around), merging duplicate terms, updating hierarchies and so on. For the category-to-tags conversion, the obvious choice is the “Categories to tags Converter” plugin. Even if, striclty speaking, this plugin is not part of the WordPress core, it is authored by the team and the default conversion tool you get when accessing the Tools->Import option in your dashboard. For more advanced terms management you can try the Term Management Tools plugin (still working even if its development stopped after his author announced he was leaving WordPress). Still, both options present a very annoying limitation when trying to convert into tags categories that are part of a hierarchy: posts assigned to a subcategory being converted are not reassigned to its parent category. Let me explain this
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