Every month the team here at Delicious Brains have a “WP Core Contrib Day”, a day to give back to Core. This is an important day for us as we make our living from premium WordPress plugins. Using our skills to help keep WordPress core awesome just feels right. Also, all of us contributing a work day per month to WordPress Core is very close to the 5% contribution that Matt Mullenweg talks about in his 5 for the Future post. In this article I’ll discuss the basics for finding things to work on, how to handle the WordPress source code, how to submit your work and what you might expect to happen from there. This article is very much targeted towards PHP developers that already know how to set up a normal WordPress installation, but are looking to dive in and contribute back to WordPress Core. As we’re all developers at Delicious Brains, on our WP Core Contrib Days we endeavour to find tickets for WordPress Core that we can contribute to by committing code. I’ll be focusing on that type of contribution, but there are many other ways to contribute and anything you can do is appreciated. Where To Find Tickets When we first started our contrib days last November the first big hurdle we encountered
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