Well, since about mid-December I was in a bit of a limbo. I won’t bore you with the details, but things were on hold and a lot of soul-searching happened during that time. About a week ago, that abruptly ended. As a result, there are some changes coming to BobWP. New Look Yes, I changed my theme again. The last transition was to WooThemes Canvas. I love that theme and, with the help of some plugins from PootlePress, I was able to create the site I wanted while insuring it still worked for my readers and clients. But as I made some changes in my focus, I saw that I needed to carry those over in the redesign of my site. The Hub theme from WooThemes fit my new needs perfectly. I had considered moving back to a Genesis child theme, but after testing several different themes, in the long-run, I chose to stick with Woo. Only because I wanted some easy integration with other Woo products down the road. As you see, I no longer have sidebars on single posts and a few of the pages because I want as few reader distractions as possible. Focus on Training—Local Training As you notice on my homepage, my focus is simple: in-person workshops locally, business and corporate group training, and lastly,
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