Adii Pienaar is making a WordPress comeback after over a year away from the community. The WooThemes co-founder has made a strategic investment into Obox, the team behind the newly launched Layers product. In return, he’s received a 30% stake in the company to complement Receiptful, his new eCommerce product. Adii Pienaar has been largely away from the WordPress community for much of the last year and a half. He’s one of three co-founders of WooThemes and was instrumental in their growth and success they achieved from 2008 until his departure in late 2013. Today, Adii is making the second step of his WordPress comeback. In addition to Receiptful — his new eCommerce receipts product — he’s taking on an advisory role with Obox, to go along with a cash investment in the company. Obox is based in Cape Town, South Africa — where Adii and WooThemes are also based. Obox has been around the block as well. They were founded in 2009 and are lead by brothers Marc and David Perel. Obox has experienced times of great success — peaking as a team of 8 in 2012 — and also years where they’ve scaled back in response to more competition and watering down of the WordPress theme market. Before Adii left
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