We have all heard it before: “The money is in the list.” Building a thriving list of email subscribers is one of the cornerstones of a successful website. Despite being a slightly older form of digital communication, it remains one of the most important ways of staying in touch with your audience. Forking over your email address is a huge sign of trust from the side of your visitor. It gives you direct access to their inbox, a coveted sanctuary for most, making it likely they will actually read what you send them and come back to your site. It’s no wonder building an email list is one of the best ways to keep visitors on your website longer. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite tools to do so: MailChimp. What is MailChimp and why use it? MailChimp is one of the many newsletter and email marketing services out there. Its basic function is to help you collect email addresses, store them in one or more lists, and create and send out email campaigns to your subscribers. Besides me, 7 million users trust MailChimp for their email marketing. Create email templates without coding One of the best features of this service is its drag-and-drop email creator. While many of us have been
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