So I am looking forward to trying the 4 varieties they have sent me.  The first one is #0075 and this one is a Panama Pinton Geisha Origin.  Its flavors are of Blueberry and Doughnut.  Its notes are busting with blueberry, a milder acidity than natural Ethiopians, and characteristic central American sweetness makes this coffee outstanding.


The second one is #0077 and this one is a Kenya Kahiraini Origin. Its flavors are Grapefruit, Honey, Plum, and Tomato. This one has a fruit-loop like acidity that transitions to more of a sun-dried tomato flavor as the cup cools.

The third one is #0078 and is a Nicaragua Honeyed Maracaturra BA Origin. Its flavors are Tamarind, Fig, Orange, Dark Chocolate, and Butter. This coffee is a clean and complex cup. Its got a hefty and comforting body that leads way to juicer notes and subtle and complex finish.

The forth and last one is #0079 and is a Nicaragua Santa Helena Origin. Its flavors are a Sage, Cedar, Salad Greens, Orange, and Tamarind. This maracaturra varietal is a small family lot farmed by Filomena Gradis with the help of her children. The Dipilto terrior shines through as does the varietys characteristics. Clean and bright up front with a tart and pleasant acidity – this coffee cleans up quickly but leaves a nice lingering sensation.

* Descriptions provided here were provided on the description card that came with the order.

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