With the ever-growing popularity of the internet more and more websites are cropping up. Be it small businesses, artists, creative agencies or even personal blogs, almost every other person on the planet has a website. Rightfully so. After all, having a proper web presence has now become a necessity, rather than a luxury. As such, many services have launched in recent years that allow users to quickly and easily build websites within minutes. Commonly termed as Do-It-Yourself (henceforth abbreviated as DIY) website builders, these tools or services offer a simple interface that enables even the most technologically illiterate users to put together a simple website or blog with minimum effort. So, are these DIY website builders worth the effort and money? Well, I’m going to try to answer that question. DIY Website Builders: What and How? For the sake of avoiding controversy, I will refrain from naming any one particular DIY website builder. However, all said and done, nearly all website builders follow more or less the same mechanism. Simply put, these website builders offer a simplistic tool or interface to help you “put together” your website, not actually “build” it. There is a WYSIWYG
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