There’s an interesting debate developing in the WordPress community surrounding what a WordPress developer actually is and the dropping rates developers can charge. If you are a WordPress service provider, you’ve probably seen first hand both the explosion of WordPress developers (many of them under qualified), as well as a drop in the overall rates that are being charged. Let’s first discuss what is occurring with the explosion in developers, why rates are dropping, and some possible solutions you can implement. What exactly is a WordPress developer? Do a Google search for the term “WordPress developer,” and you’ll see developers with prices ranging from $5 an hour, all the way to $10,000 per site and beyond. With such a gap in pricing, there must be a difference between the $5 per hour developer and the $10,000 developer. And there is. Many who call themselves WordPress developers are not. Ren Ventura, in his article “Perception and Value of WordPress Service Providers: Why Cheap Dominates,” says there are two main types of WordPress service providers: developers and implementers. The implementer Ren defines an implementer as someone who will usually install WordPress, a theme, and
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