In this section of the Another WordPress Classifieds (AWPCP) plugin, A Working Example – Part 2, we will focus on displaying the Classifieds on the website, and Placing Ads. Step 1) Login to the WordPress Dashboard. Step 2) From the left-hand sidebar of the Dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Menus. Update Menu Step 3) Place a checkmark in the Our Classifieds checkbox. Step 4) Click the Add to Menu button. Step 5) Click the Save Menu button. View Website Step 6) View your website. Step 7) Click on the Our Classifieds menu item. Place Test Ad Step 8) Logout. Step 9) Log back in using the User created earlier – Karen McKay. Step 10) Navigate to and click the Our Classifieds menu item. Step 11) Click the Place Ad hyperlink. Since Karen was assigned credit earlier, you will not need to go through the Paynent Process here. However, in normal circumstances, the User would need to do this. Step 12) Select Cook Books from the Ad Category dropdown list. Step 13) Select Wedding Cakes from the Sub-Category dropdown list. Step 14) Click to select 10 Day Listing as the Payment Term for the Ad. Step 15) Click the Continue button. Step 16) From the Enter Ad Details page, complete the Ad details as
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